The Ocean Potion

A cure as old as the islands

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

My yiayia Lina, the namesake of our signature Lina earring, grew up on the Greek island of Andros. Surrounded by the sea as they were, the Andriotes swore by the curative power of salt water. Lina’s go-to was an ancient recipe: at the first sign of illness, immerse yourself in the sea, open your mouth slightly and swish the fresh salt water past your teeth.

Today I swear by the same treatment, though I have modified her recipe to be a more accessible cure-all. If the ocean isn’t at your disposal, take a generous pinch of flaky sea-salt and dissolve in hot water. Add a spoonful of honey — Manuka works best, but any organic honey will do — and stir until combined. Swish in your mouth for a minute or two before spitting it out in your sink, and follow with a swish of warm water.

Be well, muses.