A Waimea Wedding

June 2024 Big Island Editorial

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

It’s no secret that our favorite backdrop for our pearls is almost always coastal; in, on, and below the waves. But our bridal shoots have allowed us to explore a different, yet equally beautiful, side of the Hawaiian Islands. In the heart of the Big Island lies the town of Waimea, known for its rolling hills and vast acres of grassy farmland. This part of the island is Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) country.

For this bridal editorial, photographer Alyson Hall gathered an incredible group of vendors to capture this dreamy, open ranch land wedding. This wild, untouched landscape offered something wholly unique and paired perfectly with our naturally-shaped, freshwater pearls.

In Waimea, we discovered that our pearls are as much at home in the verdant hills as they are in the ocean’s embrace. Just as water shapes the land, it shapes us; each piece telling a story of connection—to the land, the sea, and to the wearer.