Introducing: the Pearl Powder

A wellness ritual shaped by water

Thursday, May 23, 2024

There are few things that feel as pure as a morning swim in the Pacific Ocean. The water is clear and still cold from the night air, and when you dive beneath the first rolling wave, the power of it feels ancient and deeply alive. Living in Hawai‘i as we do, we know just how lucky we are to make this a treasured part of our morning rituals.

Our seaside studio, affectionately named the Grotto, was founded to celebrate and ritualize our connection to the ocean. We threw ourselves into the magical world of pearls to learn everything that we could about the world’s most natural gemstone, and turned our jewellery into a platform to raise awareness and funding for marine conservation initiatives all over the world.

As our knowledge grew, we began to appreciate the depth of mankind’s love for pearls throughout history. Pearls have always been revered for their beauty, but for over three thousand years the pearl has also played an important role as a treasured wellness ally for men and women across multiple cultures. Our research led to conversations with naturopaths and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and our jewellery began to share desk space with medical journals and books on Ayurveda.

After two years of development, testing, refinement and use, we are delighted to present our Pearl Powder, a wellness ritual made up of a simple, potent ingredient: pure freshwater pearl, milled so finely that the resulting powder is flavourless and dissolves effortlessly in liquid, gels, and creams.

As a gentle yet potent mineral repository, our Pearl Powder works to reduce inflammation and redness, promote wound healing, and improve cellular turnover to add tone and glow. Its rich calcium and magnesium content works to improve nail and bone strength, and build gentle mental resilience and calm when ingested.

To incorporate the pearl powder into your daily ritual, we recommend adding a single 1/2 tsp serving to your morning beverage (matcha lattes are our drink of choice), ideally after a cool morning swim. In the evening, sprinkle the pearl powder into your night cream, serum, or masks and mix gently before pressing into the skin to wake with a glowing complexion.

We look forward to introducing you to our Pearl Powder in person during our launch event at the Daily Whisk Matcha in Kaimuki, O‘ahu, on Sunday, May 26. Tins will be made available for purchase in our Grotto, as well as online, from the first week of June. In the meantime, please ensure that you’re subscribed to our newsletter to receive more information about the magical benefits of Pearl Powder, as well as our favourite recipes and rituals using this beautiful new product.

We hope that you love it as much as we do.

Our Pearl ritual is designed to be both good for your body, and for the ocean. We work exclusively with sustainably sourced pearls, and donate 5% to marine conservation with every sale.