Your Saltwater Self

Friday, June 14, 2024

Have you ever been to a place, and found a version of yourself there that you didn’t know existed until that moment? Something crystallizes, and there you are: an elevated, enchanting new iteration of your identity.

This is how I felt when we moved to our home in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and fell in love with life in the islands. I refer to this as the evolution of the saltwater self: an imbuing of deep respect and love for the ocean who is mother to us all; a respect for the planet, through the way that we choose to consume; and most personally, a respect for the body, a vessel made up of the ocean’s ratios of water and magic, through the wellness rituals that we practice daily.

This most recent photoshoot was designed to capture the saltwater self engaging with a ritual as ancient as the tide. Simplified, pearl powder is a potent yet gentle blend of calcium and trace minerals derived from a single, natural ingredient: pearls, milled and hydrolyzed into a water-soluble wellness tonic. But at its heart, it represents a celebration of the saltwater self, a version you may have discovered on a trip to the islands, at home on the coast, or surrounded by mountains and land, both of which remain inextricably connected to the ocean. We are all shaped by water.

Thank you so much to the inimitable @kristine.pontecha for her help directing this vision for @marispearlco and curating the perfect team. To @earthnmaya for embodying the saltwater self like the muse that she is, and for @abishmabishphotofor alchemizing these elements with her lens and capturing scene after beautiful scene. Thank you to @gabbyrightsfor her invaluable assistance bringing this dream to life, and to @adroneinparadise, for his endless support and cheerful willingness to open coconut after coconut for us on the beach at dawn.