The Curated Ear

Our favourite ways to combine our earrings

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The vision behind our aesthetic:

the curated ear, featuring a constellation of naturally-shaped pearls, each as unique as the muse who wears them

If you could summarize the Maris Pearl uniform it would be with our curated ear: as many pearls as you have piercings, arranged in a look unique to your personal style. Here in the studio, we’ve been known to use cosmetic glue (yes, the kind for fake eyelashes) to glue pearls onto our ears before ultimately heading to our favourite piercing parlours for yet another piercing.

From the delicate to the statement, here are some of our favourite ways to style our pearls.

Our favourites? Stephanie loves to wear a Petite stud paired with our Coral drop, or a trio of studs in descending size, featuring the Petite, Sailor and Lina. Gabrielle loves the elegant statement of an Ursa Minor paired with an Ursa Major. It’s our dream to see this curation on one of our brides someday!

Above left, a simple pairing perfect for the everyday featuring our Sailor and Lina studs. Above right, a more playful curation featuring our Petite stud and Tyche Earring.

If you’d like to work on something uniquely yours, feel free to reach out to us at